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Mental Health Medication Management


Bipolar disorder support

Anxiety treatment

Depression management

And so much more....

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Judith Armstrong FPMHNP

As a board-certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Judith specializes in providing comprehensive mental health care to individuals of all ages. She conducts thorough psychiatric assessments, diagnoses various mental health conditions, and devises personalized treatment plans.


Online appointments available for California.

Online and In-Person appointments available for Oklahoma.

Judith Armstrong


An online Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (FPMHNP) offers a range of services similar to those provided by an in-person FPMHNP. Through online platforms, they can deliver mental health care and support to individuals remotely. Some of the services offered by an online FPMHNP include:

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FPMHNPs possess specialized knowledge in psychopharmacology, which involves the study of psychiatric medications and their effects on the brain and behavior. With a deep understanding of various psychotropic medications, FPMHNPs can determine the most suitable medication options for individual patients, tailoring treatment plans to address their specific mental health needs.

Expertise in Psychopharmacology

"True healing is not just about erasing wounds; it's about discovering the strength within to mend and flourish, embracing our scars as stories of resilience." - Judith Armstrong, FPMHNP

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